Preying Mantis

Preying Mantis
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Preying Mantis is an erotic thriller/horror about a female serial killer in love. Naomi is a female web engineer, sick of being harassed and overlooked for promotion while her male peers fail upwards. So, she decides to have a little fun and get even in the process. And it was all going according to plan until the new hire...

5” x 7” in, 40pgs, risograph printed in hunter green with a 3 colour cover. ADULTS ONLY 18+.

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A note on risograph printed material:

Risograph ink is made from a combination of soy-oil, water and pigment and it dries through a combination of paper absorption and evaporation. Riso prints will always retain a newspaper like quality – with enough effort you will find that the ink can smudge and rub off onto your fingertips.